The UN Ocean Decade Design Competition

We are looking for an up-and-coming designer or artist with Māori and Pacific Ocean or mātauranga with sciences knowledge to create a visual design concept for our website Te Tini a Tangaroa. The winning designer or artist will have their creation added to our website, win $5,000 in cash and will feature in Aotearoa New Zealand’s Decade of Ocean Science communications.


Submit your ocean design concepts!

What does Te Tini a Tangaroa mean to you?

We would like to use a logo/ visual reference on our website from burgeoning designers or artists to reflect these knowledges. The winning designer or artist will work with our team to incorporate their design on our website, win $5,000 in cash and will feature in the Aotearoa New Zealand communications during the Decade. New Zealand’s focus for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development is to develop transformative multidisciplinary science grounded in Māori and Pacific Ocean knowledges to better address the decline in ocean health.

The name for this website, Te Tini a Tangaroa, refers to the many multitudes of Tangaroa and the many ways of knowing the sea. The website is the first key workstream for the NZ National Commission for UNESCO’s contribution to the Decade. The National Commission has also established a National Committee of experts to inform the Aotearoa New Zealand contribution to the Decade. Please note that a small sub-committee of National Committee members (Professor Huhana Smith, Dr Ocean Mercier and Dr Dan Hikuroa) will adjudicate the competition.

The National Committee support indigenous visual sovereignty over any recognisable Māori/Pacific motif/design element. Therefore, we would appreciate if you could identify your cultural connections, e.g., Iwi/Hapū or Pacific Island affiliation or ethnicity. Designs can be submitted in a variety of formats although our preference is for a high-quality pdf or jpg sent in an email to by 31 October 2021, with the competition entry form.

The chosen design or artwork will feature on the website and be used on NZ National Commission for UNESCO’s work to support the Decade (with creator’s permission).

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.