Seaweek’s mission is to inspire New Zealanders to experience, connect with, and celebrate the sea. Seaweek coordinates opportunities to learn about the social and environmental responsibility we have; to take care of our seas and get involved in collective actions to promote a healthy marine environment. The pinnacle event occurs annually in early March but there are opportunities to engage with Seaweek throughout the year.

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For over 30 years Seaweek has been a prominent feature in Aotearoa's environmental events calendar. Since 2019 the Sir Peter Blake Marine Education & Recreation Centre (MERC) has been at the helm of Seaweek national coordination and communication. Blending MERC's history of offering high-quality outdoor experiences and environmental education opportunities with Seaweek’s nationwide network brings experiential learning to more kiwis.

Seaweek events are coordinated across the motu, as part of its aim to connect and inspire educators, ākonga and communities to learn, collaborate and take action for the environment. Events are made possible through a large network of volunteers with support from individuals, groups, businesses and organisations.

Project details

Public events focused on ‘Celebrating Connecting with our Seas’ happen year-round with a peak of engagements and activities happening in early March each year, for 2024 Seaweek will be from Saturday 2 March to Sunday 10 March. Each year, Seaweek collaborates with a wide range of groups across Aotearoa New Zealand to organise a variety of accessible opportunities for all to immerse themselves in the marine environment and learn about the ocean. Events will be advertised on the Seaweek website.

Seaweek is expanding its's programs and offering webinars to complement in-person events. Webinars to date have covered a wide range of marine topics from the mysterious deep sea, microplastics and our underwater forests. You can find the recordings on their Youtube channel and further details of individual events will be advertised on the Seaweek website!

Look out for upcoming webinars, part of the Ngā kōrero: Exploring Ocean Kaitiakitanga in Aotearoa New Zealand series, made possible thanks to support from the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO.

What they hope to achieve

Seaweek hopes to inspire people to engage with nature, explore the ocean and develop a deep sense of connection to our environment so that all are inspired and empowered to be kaitiaki.

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Find out more about upcoming events and how to get involved in collective actions to promote a healthy marine environment